I want extra large fonts in plum. How hard can that be?
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WinXP appearance question...

Here's what I want: Windows XP Style Windows and Buttons + Plum Color Scheme + Extra Large Fonts. My google-fu fails entirely. Can you help?
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AFAIK, the WinXP theme comes in 3 color schemes, blue, silver, and green.

If you want a plum theme, you'll need to find someone who has created a .msstyle in plum. However if you want to use a 3rd party .msstyle, you'll need a hacked uxtheme.dll
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DeviantArt.com has some awesome visual styles, using the method mentioned by mphuie. It's my customization of choice. See all styles here.

After a quick browse for a plum theme I come up with this, a version of this or even something like this.

I can't exactly visualize plum at the moment so I just zeroed in on purple. If you keep digging however, you will find what you want. Also, I think you can make your system font bigger in the control panel.

Have fun!
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Oh, this is quite nice! And it's very similar to the basic Windows theme.

Here is a better overview of their visual styles. Unfortunately there are like tons of Vista styles to wade through, but you'll find some gems in there.

Also, I think it's worthy to note that in that link that mphuie posted I used the UX Theme multipatcher listed toward the bottom and it works very well
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Oh, and Windows XP fonts:

Go to Start and click on Control Panel. Select Display. Go to the Appearance tab and go down to the font size dropdown menu. Select Extra Large.
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I would get the XP > Vista transformation pack.

makes windows XP look just like vista.

they probably have some tools to help you do what you wanted to do.. but sounded fairly boring to me.

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