What you trying to say to me?
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There's a song clip that plays on Arrested Development whenever George Michael gets into a sexy predicament. Is it an actual full-length song, or was it written just for the show?

It's a great little piece of funk, and I'd love to find the full version if it exists. The lyrics go "what you trying to say to me?" and Google has been no help. If you've got access to Arrested Development episodes and you're not sure what I'm talking about, it appears at the end of the pilot episode and episode 2x16, "Meet the Veals."
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I'm pretty sure that it just music written for the show. I know the Season 1 DVDs have an easter eggs section but I don't remember if it's on there. You might try asking some people at The O.P. as they are more hardcore than I.
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Best answer: "Gonna Get Together," by Leroy.
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dong_resin Nailed it. If you listen to the sample on iTunes you can hear the start of it right at the end of the sample.

As a side note the song isn't on the DVD in the music section.
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Response by poster: Awesome. Of course it turns out that that little clip is the best part of the song...
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Response by poster: Alright, upon further listening, I have to admit: I am enjoy. Thanks, dong. :)
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Great question, I was curious about this too. I just started laughing a lot when I read about George Michael getting into "sexy predicaments." I love it.
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BTW, the Wikipedia entry on Arrested Development has some good info on the show's music, including the G-M incest taboo theme song (as I like to think of it).
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David Schwartz did a lot of the music for AD. I heartily recommend downloading "I Get Up" and putting it on repeat for an hour.
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