Things to do in New York this weekend.
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Some happy business is taking me to New York City Thursday through Sunday. I'm coming from Tucson, though, so to me it'll be freaking cold and I'm looking for indoor activities. Can anyone suggest any good vegan or vegetarian restaurants, astounding modern art museums (famous or obscure), Off-Broadway or Off-Off-Broadway shows worth seeing, or anything fun I haven't thought of, whether off the beaten track or on it?
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Vegan restaurants:

Caravan of Dreams

Kate's Joint
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I really enjoyed the American Museum of Natural History. (They've got a Tyrannosaur, for one thing.)
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For modern art museums that aren't MoMA (but are still very much on the beaten track), I always like the Whitney. You might also like P.S. 1, though I've never been. The Guggenheim (closed on Thursdays) is running a Spanish painting exhibition that I really wanted to see.
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A couple of my favorite vegetarian/vegan restaurants are:


There are two locations - 3rd Ave. between 80th and 81st and 6th Ave. between Waverly Pl. and 8th St. Great place to go and share small dishes.

Candle Cafe
Hardcore vegan place. A little pricey, but the food is unbelievable... even for a meat eater.
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i like the Rubin Museum of Art:
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As for a vegan restaurant, Red Bamboo. 140 W 4th St, New York 10012 Btwn 6th Ave & MacDougal St. Excellent faux meat selection of appetizers and sandwiches in the heart of Greenwich village, a stone's throw from the IFC theatre. Even my carnivorous friends love the eats!
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As veggie restaurants go, I've enjoyed Zen Palate.
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MoMA's free on Friday nights; use your ticket stub to get into PS1 for free the rest of the weekend.
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Strictly Roots is a great vegan Caribbean restaurant/bakery in Harlem, very friendly & very cheap. They make moist, savory baked goods of the "you won't believe it's vegan" variety. You pick foods from their display and you can taste whatever you like before you order.

A few minutes' walk from Strictly Roots is the gorgeous Studio Museum in Harlem which is only modern art.

Both of these are a quick ride from midtown on the subway (2/3 train to 125th St).
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The Russian Turkish Baths! Went last week for the first time, after dying to visit after reading about it on AskMeta constantly (it always get a mention in threads like this)- it was so great!
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Turkish Baths are fantastic! Must! Go!
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Right next to red bamboo is vegetarian paradise 2 with some very good vegan (mostly) chinese food.

For dessert i highly recommend babycakes @ 248 broome st. between ludlow and orchard.

Candle and Candle Cafe are very good, but some of their "cheese" has casein in it. Just in case you happen to be glatt vegan.

I also strongly second Caravan of Dreams and Kate's Joint.
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From the Turkish Baths website: "'ll be spanking clean"
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As for a show, what about Edward Scissorhands at BAM? I've heard good things.
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I second Strictly Roots!
(and thanks, allterrainbrain, that's the first thing I thought of to recommend and then couldn't remember the name)
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I suggest the American Folk Art Museum, especially if you like outsider art. They have some great work there.

There are two great places to eat in my neighborhood - Galaxy Global Cafe, which serves the gamut from vegan to meat, with some amazing choices, and Pure Food and Wine, which serves raw food that tastes phenomenal. Both are on Irving Place (which is between 3rd and Park). Galaxy is at 15th and Pure is between 17th and 18th.

Union Square is only a few blocks away from the restaurants, so you can grab a cup of coffee or shop a little afterwards, though most of the shopping in Union Square now is chain stores. So sad.
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If you end up in Brooklyn check out Foodswings on Grand. The best gross vegan fast food you'll ever have. Plus its owned by some rad people and supports a lot of great stuff. One of my favorite places I've ever been to.
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You can poke around the Union Square Greenmarket on Friday and Saturday. Spalding Gray:Stories Left to Tell is still running at the Minetta Lane Theatre (he was a fellow Emersonian).
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I usually recommend the the Dream House when people ask about obscure/amazing art.

It's an intense audio+light installation in a loft. It's been running every Thursday & Saturday (2pm-midnight) for years. There's no way to represent it in a photo, so its website can't really give you any idea... you just have to go.

You walk around or lie on the loft's floor (with big pillows & plush carpet) and you have an adventure in perception. It can be a love it or hate it experience for new people, but if you love it the love can be profound... and if you hate it, well, it was only a few bucks and now you're in Tribeca/SoHo where a million other interesting things are.
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Thirding Strictly Roots and Kate's; they are my favorites for casual-friendly-affordable. Strictly Roots is more simple & pure, Kate's is more "vegetarian comfort food."

Pukk is the city's only 100% veggie Thai place and it's excellent, with good-value midrange prices.

If you can afford upscale my strongest recommendation would be Hangawi, an incredible Korean place that's all about presentation and amazing flavors. Their $20 prix fixe lunch is the best value I know for fine veggie cuisine.
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Now being inspired to look at Hangawi, I see that Barbara Walters calls eating there "the most beautiful experience I've ever had." Eating at Hangawi has therefore been empirically shown to be more beautiful than interviewing Anwar Sadat, Michael Jackson or Indira Gandhi -- there you have it! :)
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Reviews of vegan-friendly NYC restaurants here.

I second Foodswings for junk food and nominate Angelica Kitchen for fancier but still comforting stuff. (One of the best meals I've ever had: open-faced tempeh sandwich with mashed potatoes and brown rice gravy on a bed of greens.) Oh man, now I'm hungry for both.
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In case you didn't know, on Thursday and Friday there will be less than a 10 degree difference between the weather in NYC and the weather in Tucson. Unfortunately the two cities will also share something else in common: rain.

It'll get colder this weekend but still temps will remain in the 50s. So, don't overdress, and don't forget an umbrella.
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Vatan is all you can eat. It's really great.
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Good timing to see this exhibit.
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Angelica Kitchen & Zen Palate = bland & ucky. I'd recommend Candle as above or Counter.

Also, it is supposed to be in the 50s and 60s this weekend (so far).
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