Aww Yeah, Girl...
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SongIdentificationFilter: This song would be well suited to a slow motion lovers-into-each-others-arms scene.

It has a very 70's feel, and is centered around a swooning and syrupy string section. I'm quite set on finding it, because in addition to it's campy sappiness, it's got a distinctly danceable groove as well. I heard it in a bar in Maryland last week, which was quite unexpected, as prior to this I've only heard this in film/television. There were, iirc, no or very minimal lyrics.
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hmmmm... i'd like to help but those are some very vague clues. can you give us anything more to go on? can you recall any of the lyrics? male or female singer? etc.
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sounds like some barry white would be a good place to start.
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Acutally, I'm now certain it was instrumental. (I'm pretty familiar with Barry White's catalog, and I don't think it was his stuff)
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I think it would also be fair to categorize it as Disco. A friend of mine, after hearing me hum it, thinks he heard it on the Wonder Years.
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Found it!

Barry White & The Love Unlimited Orchestra - Love's Theme

I can most certainly dig it.
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Barry White is responsible for a lot of you being here.
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It was the inspiration and used as a sample for and in OMD's "I Had An Idea (Based on a Love Theme)". Just FYI. :)
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Doh, it's actually "Dream of Me (Based on a Love Theme)." Knew I should've checked.
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its funny that i almost said that very song, but then didn't. glad you found it anyway.
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