Looking for a rehearsal dinner location in Toronto
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I'm looking for a good restaurant for a rehearsal dinner in Toronto (more inside).

More specifically, I'm looking for a downtown location that's classy but still kind of informal and able to seat approximately 27 people. Budget-wise, we're hoping to keep it to about $30 per person. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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Could you clarify "rehearsal dinner"? Are you talking a wedding thing or what ...? Do you need a place that's quiet?
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Classy? With a twist? Try Sultan's Tent.
Budget can definitely be worked out for a party of that size. Not just this restaurant but any.

Alize Fazooli's is a very good place, but again, slightly informal as well.
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Howdy Card Cheat:

You might want to check out The Globe Bistro. Really, really, really good food. A nice mix of formal/elegant and laid back. Excellent service. A private room is available.

Also: check out The Niagara Street Cafe. Again, excellent food and service. Much smaller than The Globe: 27 would about fill it but you can book the entire space.
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Although really you should have the rehearsal dinner at Medieval Times. There's going to be jousting at your wedding, right?
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Response by poster: Sorry, I should have been more specific...yeah, a wedding rehearsal dinner. Thanks for the suggestions, Fuzz, although I doubt there will be much jousting at the dinner. The wedding itself will feature plenty of duels to the death.
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Maybe not quite what you're looking for, but Autogrill is pretty informal and has a downtown location, tasty food, and the right price point, and I know they will do large bookings.
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I was at a wedding party at Archeo in the distillery district. Very cool place - informal and contemporary pizza/pasta (here's their site); i think it definitely would suit your needs. they've got a great patio too.
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