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Domain names are fun! My company has over 60 domain names with two main registars - Valueweb and Network Solutions. I would like to have all domains under one roof. Who would you transfer domains too and why? I find dealing with these companies very confusing.
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We use GoDaddy for our own domains (12 of them) and find them to be quite to our liking.

They are inexpensive, have good tools and have great flexibility with regard to managing multiple domains at once.
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I second this.. and if you are the owner, you can actually get things transferred over for free--I did this when my friend had 3 of my domains under and moved them to GoDaddy. I paid the same amount for all three domains as he did for 1.
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I like Doster; they're cheap and I haven't had any trouble with them. I haven't used GoDaddy myself, but I consistently hear good things about them.
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I third Godaddy. Regardless of who you choose, I would NOT choose Network Solutions.

If you search through the AskMe archives you'll see plenty of suggestions (and reasoning) for different registrars.
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I second Dotster. Not the cheapest, but I think the best.
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Another vote for Dotster. One of the few good registrars without a 'we reserve the right to steal your domain' clause in the TOS.
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Whatever you do, don't go with Network Solutions, they're extremely evil. If you need more background on this matter, google for "network solutions" in combination with just about any insult you can imagine and find lots of negative testimonials…
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Dotster really does work well, the site is well-made and easy to use. Never had a problem.
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I'm gonna chime in with DirectNIC. One of my clients pops domain names like peanuts and it has made it relatively easy to handle his 250+ domains.
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I've used Domainmonger for the last 4-ish years without hassle, although I'm always interested to hear any horror stories people have.
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GoDaddy is the best (by far).

Avoid DomainsNext like the plague - it is the ABSOLUTE worst (in my opinion).
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I love directnic, but if you have multiple domains you save so much going with godaddy, and they're pretty good as well.

And as someone else said, I think this has been covered in askme several times. Check out those threads also.
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No, no, no. EasyDNS. They have never screwed up and are always even happy to talk on the phone. (Well, today the guy seemed to be in a bit of a rush, but still.)

Their domain-parking service is great, as is their invoicing, though I think their Web interface could be improved. Nonetheless, strongly recommended.
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