Looking for web design (short) courses in NYC area
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I'm looking for a non-degree web design program in the NYC area. In other words, something that would last a week or less to teach the basics of web design, layout, different packages, etc.
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Have you looked at online tutorials? There's a ton of great ones out there, and if you sat down and did 6 hours a day for a week, you could easily get up to speed with the basics.
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a week or less? heh. go online. or your local bookstore.
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SVA Continuing Ed., Parsons,Pratt...you have to do some digging but I'm sure at least one of them have short term intensive "digital design" classes.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for your suggestions. phaedon, I'm not saying that a short course will make anyone a design genius; I know it takes a longer period of time and a lot of practical experience.

However, I'm trying to convince my son that he will not be able to fully develop his career in graphic design without some even basic web design training, and want to find a course where he can get a taste.

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