Where can I volunteer-teach programming in Toronto?
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Are there any organizations in Toronto where a person with a few months of time on his hands and a bachelor's degree in computer science could really help?

To quote my father, "I'm tired of helping people that could help themselves." I'd like to break out of working for a boss and help some people get their first start with programming. I don't think I would be of much help teaching them to use Windows/Mac/whatever-os, or software package; I just tend to skim the surface of whatever app/environment will help me out at the moment. What I would like to teach is everything about programming, starting with "Hello World" and moving up from there at a pace where the kids would be comfortable.

Details: 1) I'd be able to hold several classes a week. 2) I wouldn't expect any compensation, except for making a few kids feel better about computers. 3) It would probably only be for a few months (May-August) 4) I don't have any teaching credentials; just a lot of experience in the field. 5) I'm reasonably sure I don't unnerve people overly.
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You might find something useful at Charity Village. Alternatively, you could contact community centres and the Y and places that offer summer day camps and pitch the idea of a "programming camp" or series of summer workshops.
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Try CultureLink, an organization for Newcomer Canadians. They have an active youth program, and their own computer lab. They are currently located in Parkdale. Also try Access Alliance, an umbrella health organization for immigrant and newcomer communities. They don't have a computer lab, but they can lead you to some lovely underfunded organizations that would probably be more than happy to have your time. Also, I have a friend who runs an after school computer lab program for youth who don't otherwise have access. That would be the perfect place as it is small and self-contained. Email temporarily in profile.
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The people at Little Geeks might be able to work something out with you.
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heatherann - that's a great organization you linked to! Very cool.
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