Help to locate eyeglasses--Chanel #2092 wine color
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Looking for the cheapest place to buy authentic eyeglasses by Chanel, Model #2092, wine color. My local eyeglass place has it for $325, and having trouble finding it on the net at a significant discount. Ideas?
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If you have AAA, you can get 30% off at Lenscrafters. That's how I got my Chanel frames, also wine colored, though I am unsure of the model number.
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Have you checked your local Costco to see what they have?
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Afraid I didn't have much look doing several searches for that specific brand and model. I found it at all designer glasses for a little cheaper and a lot cheaper but a different color entirely on ebay. Hope you eventually find what you are looking for!
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You might be SOL unless you can find a good discount through Lenscrafters or Pearle Vision.... The ugly little thing about those Chanel glasses is that they are made under license by Luxottica, which distributes them through the Luxottica owned Lenscrafters & Pearle Vision stores.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the help. After spending more time on this than I care to admit and after getting some friendly inside information from a knowledgeable source... apparently the item is only sold through Luxottica and they "mandate" a suggested retail price of a minimum of $269 (thought that was illegal?). Lenscrafter has a $325 price on it, and with 30% off through AARP (or AAA), i really can't seem to find it cheaper. There were a few on ebay, but wrong color, etc. Anyway, thanks for all the help and especially from the one "inside source" who deals with Luxottica.
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