Similar quality to Polo/Ralph Lauren T-shirts??
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I have always enjoyed the quality of Ralph Lauren/Polo clothes. I have a professor who used to work in the textile industry, who said that most clothing is made in just a dozen or so mills worldwide. I am looking for long-sleeve t-shirts of the same thread-count and quality of these Polo t's. I could care less about the brand...any suggestions??
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I think Kellwood used to make clothes for Polo; they make it for other brands. Oxford Industries is a similar company.
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Clothing isn't made in mills. Fabric is made in mills. Designer lables are licensed for manufacture by whomever wishes to buy the license (or, at least, often. Certainly was the case with Christian Dior).

Just because comany x makes a quality product with label y, doesn't mean their label z garments are as good as label x. Even when made with the same fabric, the construction could be inferior. (cut and sew are separate operations which may be done by separate contractors, either or neither may be done in-house).
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I know those T's. I have several of them (short sleeve version). Polo has its own quality standards. You will not find that quality anywhere else, unless you pay MORE. I suggest sticking with Ralph.
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tdabbott: I've often wondered the same thing - can you et high-quality clothes for less by buying "the same" clothes with different, less prestigious labels.

I once bought a pair of shoes from J.Jill that the operator told me were made at the same factory, and were virtually identical to much more expensive Campers. 'They just have to change one detail so we can sell them under our label," she said. I never really knew if that were true, but they certainly looked like the popular shoe at the time.

If there is a Polo outlet near you, I'd try finding long-sleeved ts there. Or try Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Ross - they all have Polo brand clothes for less. And the styles never seem to change, just the colors.
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argh. "get." And "was."
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