Help me locate a "This American Life" episode.
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Help me find a "This American Life" episode.

The narrator found a diary at a yard sale of a woman who lived in Chicago (I believe) and he becomes obsessed about finding out what happened to her. Assorted details: I believe the woman worked at a television factory, she was manic-depressive, and she lived with her sister. The episode appeared around 4 years ago that I can recall.

If anybody can help me, thanks.
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Looking at the This American Life Archives the 6/6/03 episode may be what you're looking for.

I've been listening to these old shows as I work - such a treat!
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Note to future askers: the TAL site, linked above, is searchable! The archive used to have a much better search engine, but the one on the front page seems to work ok.
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Was it the 11/11/05 episode?
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