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I am looking for a web based email solution for numerous pop accounts.

I have numerous email accounts from several domains and I'd like to find a one-stop web solution to checking all of them while at work, without email forwarding, etc.

I'd love it to be free but that's not a deal breaker. Likewise, I'd like a solution that is more robust than squirrel mail.

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Gmail fetches pop mail, although the functionality may not have spread to all gmail accounts. I think yahoo mail also does pop fetching.
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Hey capt'n. Do you have some requirements that are "must have's"? There are lots of solutions, but if there are certain features you need/want (that, for instance, you aren't getting with squirrelmail) then it would be easier to narrow the field down if you could post them.

Also, if there are certain things that bug you about squirrelmail, then it would help to post those as well so we can avoid solutions with similar issues.
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Gmail to the rescue. Let us know if you need a Gmail invitation.
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Mail2web.com is useful, but only for one at a time.
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I use fastmail for doing this both professionally and personally. It allows sorting of email into separate folders and send email that appears as though it's from any of those accounts, with separate signatures along with spam and virus protection There are several plans, the most expnesive is $40 a year, with a 2gig mailbox.

There's also mail2web, which is free and more simple to use.
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Gmail. It now (fairly recently) supports sending from multiple addresses as well. Aaaand it's great. The only thing that bothers me is the mediocre filtering options.
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I like fastmail too. My ISP's webmail sucks, so when I'm abroad I preview the mail on my ISP, delete the crap and then use fastmail to download and reply. As Brandon Blatcher says, you can set it up so it replies from your 'home' account.
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Fusemail.com. I have tried so many others and this is by far the best. It cost $17 a year, but it's well worth it.

The three features that really make this service stand out are:
1) It can check your hotmail, yahoo, AOL, Juno, and many other proprietary email solutions, as well as IMAP and Pop.

2) You can setup identities and send as any one of those email accounts.

3) Unlimited domain names.

Go ahead and give the 14 day demo a try.
It looks like the service is trying to move more into the business sector, instead of personal, but I'm sure you can still get a personal account.
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As a follow up to my last post about Fusemail.com, I spoke with a support person to figure out their new pricing model. The bad news is it now costs $60 a year!

Personally I feel the service is still worth it, but maybe not for most people...
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GMail with POP access
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Just so you know, with Gmail pop access, you can't define how often it fetches your mail. It's up to the whim of whatever algorithm they have for the amount of mail you receive.
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I just use Thunderbird and set the server to not delete. I didn't need any particular permissions to install it into My Documents.
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