Mira or Remote Buddy?
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If you've used both, which would you recommend? Mira or Remote Buddy? Why?

If there's a third alternative I haven't heard of, feel free to tell me about it. Requirements: polished, gorgeous, Mac-like, just works. Free of charge is not a requirement. I have the Apple Remote that came with my laptop, so I don't care about the respective virtues of third-party remotes offered or quality of support for them. If you know anything about the companies, Twisted Melon or IOSPIRIT GmBH, I'd prefer to support the one that's more indie, so tell me what you know.
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They both have trial periods, right? I tried them both out in December, to see if I wanted to buy them on MacSanta, but neither really did it for me. But if you need one, it'll be a matter of personal preference.
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Response by poster: Well, I don't really need either. It would just be kinda fun to be able to do more than just play FrontRow media from across the room.
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