Online promotion of neighborhood website?
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How and where do I do online promotion my neighborhood's historic home tour quickly and on the cheap? (In Phoenix, AZ)

My neighborhood, located in Phoenix AZ, is having its biennial home tour next weekend. Our website hasn't received a lot of traffic so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how I can get the traffic up in the next week?
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Best answer: Cowmix, send a "press release" to any of the bloggers who focus on the home space regarding the home tour. Include a photo and/or graphic.

Heck, send a note to me and I'll try getting it onto the headlines section of our house and garden related sites.
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Local papers love this stuff. Have you put the word out to them (paid and free papers), with web address?

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Best answer: Back when I worked for a preservation non-profit, we had the most successful house tour by getting a front-page article (incl. map) on the local paper's Living section (or whatever it was called). Set up a meeting/tour preview with one of the reporters and pray for "slow news day + fantastic weather".
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Oh, forgot the Phoenix thing. You can safely avoid praying for good weather, I guess.
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Hmmm... I know I'd be interested, seeing as I It's not this, is it? If not, you might just wanna roll down there and drop off flyers or something.
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