Toronto(ish) Wedding Location Ideas
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TorontoFilter: So we're getting married! Can anyone recommend an intimate location to hold a wedding and reception in or around Toronto?

The problem isn't that there aren't any options. It's in our stubborn insistence to find somewhere nice, different, and intimate to hold our par-tay, so here we are asking for a personal recommendation.

Our ideal place would have the following components:

- An outdoor component for the ceremony and an indoor option in case of rain
- A (separate) space at the same location for the reception
- Be wheelchair accessible
- Be fairly small -- 80 people or so.
- ...and affordable.

So far we have the McMichael Gallery and the Botanical Gardens. Any experiences or ideas?
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I've been to McMichael for a conference and liked it very much.
I have been to a wedding at the Kortright centre (I'm sure I'm spelling it wrong, but anyway, it's hear the McMichael). It's also worth a look - beautiful outdoor part where one could get married al fresco. Indoor part not as nice as Wheelchair accessibility should be OK, I remember it being all on one level although outside it's a bit gravelly. Possible drawback to both places is that both will be a cab ride or car ride from nearest hotels (=motels).

Also nearby is the Kingbridge Centre. It's a small conference centre but I wonder if they do weddings? It's a nice site and the accomodations and facilities are very good.

Lots of people get married at the Old Mill, so maybe it's not what you wanted (kind of big, usually 2-3 weddings happening at one time). But to be honest I thought it was pretty nice place to do it: the chapel is very nice, outdoor part is very pretty in summer, and the reception halls are just fine. But no, not terribly original.
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We're going for Paletta Mansion, Burlington, in 2008. It meets all of your requirements, though I don't know what price range you're looking at? Paletta may be considered quite high but it includes a lot of stuff, and that's good if, like us, we're trying to arrange it from another continent.

Website (it's a bit circa 1995, but never mind).

It's early stages, but they've been very professional so far.
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meant to say: indoor part at Kort. not as nice as McMichael.
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Best answer: My wife and I were married at the Kortright Centre just north of the city last summer; relevant blog post here, various pictures here.

Kortright is mostly on one level, but there is elevator access to the lower level should you require it. It was nice to have the ceremony outside, then retreat to the air conditioned visitors' centre for the reception. Was fairly inexpensive, too, as I recall, and we had no problems at all with the arrangements.
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A dear friend of mine got married this summer at a lovely place in Guelph. Outdoor--they provided an enormous tent, there's a gazebo overlooking a nice pond for the actual ceremony, the food is very good... I'll see if I can dig up the name. If I forget, my email's in my profile.

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Oh! Oops.

Enoch Turner Schoolhouse is also gorgeous--a co-worker got married there in September.
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Hart House does weddings, but they might be too big for your need (and therefore too expensive). Although, now that I checked, their website says they can do smaller events as well.
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My fiancee and I were interested in the Sunnyside Pavilion and were very impressed with both the location and the facility. Our only issue was with price (we're on a very tight budget) but it might be within your price range.

It's right on the lake (beachfront actually), right off the lakeshore, and the building is quite nice (classical style).
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Oh, also Palais Royale has been renovated recently, and is absolutely beautiful.
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The Toronto Music Garden is lovely. That link talks about how it was inspired by the music of Bach.

Also: the Cloud Gardens in the Financial District (you'd be surprised.) And, naturally, Allan Gardens.
Here's the full list of public gardens.

Of course, I know nothing about the legality of such a thing or how permits would be obtained, etc. Personally I would love to hold a kamikaze wedding in a place like this. Just tell everyone to show up there, get simple music like a single violinist, and just do it.
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Casa Loma perhaps?
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Mrs. Xenophobe and I got hitched in Niagara Falls (NY side), and it was okay. I mention it primarily because you'd have the option of outside somewhere around the falls or on Goat Island, which is purty, or inside in the wee silly arboretum, which has a small "arena" for weddingses. I'm sure any number of facilities on the Canadian side could host a bang-up reception.
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There's The Great Hall.

Also, there's at least two yacht clubs on the Toronto islands that host weddings. Very nice for summer weddings (watch the city lights over the lake...), rather chilly in winter.
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I'll second the Enoch Turner Schoolhouse.
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I had my reception at The Manor -- they do have outdoor and indoor space for ceremonies as well. It is a great venue, and as part of the Bob Rumball Foundation for the Deaf, puts its fees to good use.

A friend had his wedding and reception at Fantasy Farm. It's kind of unfortunately named, but is a beautiful, quiet and intimate space in the Don Valley.
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Eaton Hall in King City is pretty in the summer, and private. Not sure about prices.
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jellicle: "There's The Great Hall."

If you're thinking along the ballroom line, then also check out Dovercourt House.
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Children's Peace Theatre. In the East End. An older house nestled in the woods. Lovely. They are a non-profit organization that uses theatre for youth conflict resolution. But they also rent out privately. (It doesn't say so on their site, but they do for sure.)

Enoch is also lovely. It is close to the Distillery too, walkable. In case you wanted to check out their restaurants and outdoor spaces.

There is also a lovely park out near the Scarborough Bluffs. It has bulding facilities adjacent to the park. The name of the park escapes me, but it is unusual in that the original private owners of the land purchased little bits of sculpture from downtown buildings being torn down. So little bits or art-deco and other large pieces are placed all over the park. It's very interesting, and makes it seem like you are at Greek ruins (even though you're just in Scarborough.) I think the name is Cliffside, or Bluffer's Park or something like that.
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I remember the place! Guild Inn Gardens. It seems well-known in Bridal circles, so maybe not what you are looking for. (Not anything close to Cliffside or Bluffer's anything. Sorry.)

Also across from Fantasy Farm is Todmorden Mills. They recently underwent a massive renovation. The ravine is a lovely part of Toronto.
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Conservation Halton has some awesome sites (First Nations Village! Bison! Turkey Vultures! Really deep lake!) They only charge $50/hour on weekends. I'm not sure about the food part, you may be limited to bbq's (which are really nice at summer weddings). But they are VERY wheelchair accesible without ruining the natural environment; you don't even notice how accessible it is, it is so unobtrusive. They have free all terrain wheelchairs for the trails too. Part of the Bruce Trail runs though the different conservation areas if any of your guests want to hike in. Or the Halton Regional Museum might be nice - I haven't been personally. Have a look at the other local conservation authorities as well. Good luck on finding something nice!
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