I know scrums don't always smell nice, but this was ridiculous.
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I'm looking for a rather odd rugby-related photograph.

A couple of years ago I saw a very striking photograph, from, I think, the 1940s. It was a black and white photograph of a rugby match, but the players were wearing gas masks. I was wondering if anybody knows anything about this photograph, where I could look at it (even just online), or, even better, if it would be possible to order a print of it from anywhere.

If it helps, I think I saw it in a book of photography (surprise!) that was at Costco. It was sort of a coffee table book type thing, that I foolishly did not purchase. Unfortunately, that is all I can remember.
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Someone was just telling me about this book today: Gas Masks for Goal Posts: Football in Britain During the Second World War. I realise it's a specific photograph of a rugby game you're after, not football, but if you have no luck and similar images might do it might be worth tracking this down.
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You could give the Imperial War Museum's photo archive a try. You can access it here; the civilian section can be browsed here. (That's assuming it does date from the Second World War). I have had a quick browse and not turned anything up, but that's not to say there is nothing there. You might also contact the museum direct to see if it rings any bells.
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Yes, I came back to suggest contacting the IWM too. Their archivists have been helpful to me in the past.
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