How much does an abortion cost?
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What is the average range cost for an abortion? I know there are different procedures and costs most likely vary depending on health insurance? But I just need some basic idea because I cannot talk to a health professional until monday, and I want some idea. Please no moral judgements!
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Google "abortion cost."

In 2001, the average charge for a surgical abortion at 10 weeks’ gestation was $468; but since most abortions in the United States are performed at low-cost clinics, women on average paid $372 for the procedure.
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Are you in the US? Guttmacher (excellent source for non-judgemental reproductive statistics) has some answers. Note that the cost for surgical and medical abortions are different.
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That'll teach me not to preview.
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It depends where you go. One of my girlfriends had an abortion at Planned Parenthood and I'm pretty sure we paid about $40 on a sliding scale. Another girlfriend went to a private practitioner and we paid $200, sliding scale. I can't remember what the specific procedure was, but both were done at the beginning of the second trimester, if that makes an impact on the costs involved.
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A surgical abortion from American Women's Services, I believe, costs $250, depending on the clinic, but they can tell you how much. Google them and check. Also, they have an 800 number that you can call 24/7 to ask about costs and procedures.
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The phone number for American Women's Services is 1-888-ABORTION. The call center is supposed to be open 24/7.
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Most heath insurance companies won't cover it. There are organizations which help pay for women who cannot afford to. As the previous links indicate, expect to pay $200-$400.

Planned Parenthood is open on weekends, no need to wait till Monday. If you go through PP the cost will be lowered if you fit the low-income requirements.
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i think it depends in the state. ive heard about $600 without reporting to insurance, paid in cash.
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In response to previous comments, not all Planned Parenthoods have sliding scale for abortions. It has something to do with PPs in different states being funded differently. If you live near a state line (or can travel), you should check in both states as the price may be vastly different.
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My health insurance paid for mine. I believe I had Aetna at the time.
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My information is old, but some years ago, I heard that a 1st trimester was about $200 or so at PP in the DC area and a 2nd trimester was double that. That was without sliding scale financial assistance.
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