Nethack-like copper mining game? In space?
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Help me identify a computer game! Mid-late 90s, Windows, visually a Nethack or Roguelike but thematically entirely different: you were sort-of mining for copper nodules, crystals, oxygen bubbles, and possibly seeds for plants.

There were high ASCII symbols for the copper (other metals, too; I think silver would show up later) nodes, which kind of looked like paisley shapes, or a teardrop with a hook on the end. There were three different representative sizes and it would tell you how many grams each was.

I am pretty sure you had to get oxygen bubbles to survive, and that there was some sort of plant or seed involved as well. I say 'sort-of' mined because I don't think it gave you any sort of personality. You may not have actually mined - it might have been 'absorbed' or 'eaten' or something instead. There may also have been crystals. It was not an online game. (Most definitely not Motherlode, although the theme is similar.) I'm pretty sure I played it in college, which means it was downloadable in the late 90s. Serious bonus points if you actually find me the game.
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Best answer: Could it have been Reaping the Dungeon?
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Response by poster: Even from the tiny screen shot, I recognize the font. I would have never guessed to look for something under that name, though. (For some reason, I thought it was in space.) Thank you!
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Incredible. I got this game in a shareware disk like, 10 years ago. Since then it popped in my memory from time to time. Thank you!
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Erm... There doesn't seem to be a download link on the page linked from HotU...
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Response by poster: Now that I have the name, a place of dubious legality has it for download on the second google hit.
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