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Where can I find a breakdown of government contracts given to nonprofits?

I'm looking for only the government contracts collected by nonprofits. Unfortunately for my research, IRS 990 forms do not separate out government contracts from other forms of program service revenue.

Does anybody have any idea where I might find this data? At this point, I'd settle on incomplete data from any year going back to the 1980s or 90s.

The Open Secrets website (referred to another AskMefite in this question) contains only information regarding corporate recipients of government contracts.
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After copious amounts of Googling, I don't believe there is a central clearing house for this type of information. I suggest calling at 1-800-FED-INFO and the NYPL telref at 212-340-0849. Both of these services have live researchers available to help you via phone or online chat during business hours.

Or, maybe you could narrow the domain of contracts you are interested in, and find the particular agencies that tend to award those contracts. I found various search engines available on an agency-by-agency basis.
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