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Need help coming up with a basic training/ presentation in Excel macros and pivot tables for my boss and his second in command! Can someone recommend a book- well written, concise? I use Excel a lot, had advanced training (paid for by my boss) , but I don't use macros or pivot table functions because there has been no need in my line of duty......

It has been almost a year since I had the training and I have to come up with something fast, plus I am burdened with several other competing demands....

Any pointers much appreciated....
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No book recommendations, I'm afraid - I'm purely self taught... but there's one website (and the community there) that has helped immensely: Mr. Excel - check out the message board, and search through the questions (and answers) to pretty much everything you need.
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I have the , it also comes with a CD in the back. I have found this book to be an great tool and I use it several times a week (that is, when it is at my desk, people always borrow iti, and bring it back after they have gotten their own)...
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OOPS, no link above. Sorry
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Juice Analytic's blog is my Excel Bible for cool advanced stuff. Taking a quick look, there's this article on pivot tables. They also have a big tutorial workbook you can download.
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The MS Excel website has a good tutorial on pivot tables.
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2nd excel bible, it's excellent. Even more useful to me has been another book by the same author:

Excel Power Programming

Which is very good on how to programme with macros (vba)

Other good websites (apart from Mr Excel, referred to above) are




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