How to make a stuffed animal "talk"?
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How can I add a add a "talking" chip/device to an existing, or home-made stuffed animal?

I'd like to record my voice into a small device that I can implant in a stuffed animal so that it will speak a given phrase, or one of a selection of phrases, when squeezed. I've looked around and can't find anyplace selling such a thing, but it seems like the kind of thing you should be able to buy from a hobby or craft retailer. Is my only option to slaughter an existing "talking" plush? Can anyone point me in the direction of either?
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You can find kids toys that will record and play back around 10 seconds of sound. A quick google search for "kids voice recorder flash playback" returned this device. This is probably more than you're looking to spend, but with some diligence and a bulk order you can probably get something similar for $5 or less per unit. If you have way too much time and energy you can look into programming EPROMs.
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Best answer: You can definitely find the voiceboxes in craft supply catalogs.

Here's a small inexpensive one from a vendor I've been shopping with for years.

Here's a larger one with replaceable batteries. (Can't vouch for the catalog directly, however.)

If there's a Build-A-Bear Workshop store near you, they carry the voice could always ask if they'll sell you just the voice module if you aren't looking for a whole new stuffed toy.
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I've seen greeting cards that are voice recordable. Google turned up a few. I remember seeing them at drugstores. Maybe this can help!
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This post has totally inspired me. This would make an INCREDIBLE April Fool gag, especially if the toy in quesiton is oft used. I can only imagine the look of surprise/terror when the toy actually responds the next time it is hugged or grabbed. Terrifying, but brilliant! And in time for this year's April 1st!
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Radio shack used to sell something that would let you do that. I'm not sure if they still do, since their website doesn't seem to have it, but a quick trip to your local Radio Shack might prove useful, especially if they keep older stock.
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I *so* want to steal a friend's "easy button" and make it programmable.
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