radar tsunami relief article?
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Before it went under (the second time), Radar magazine published a story about the relief workers in the area affected by the 2004 tsunami. (I think it was published in late 2005/early 2006.) Is it available online anywhere? I can't find it on radaronline.com or via Google.
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Can't find it online, but it was in the Sept/Oct 2005 issue, bylined "as told to Beth Schacter" (scroll down to "Fantasy Island").

(And Radar is back again, BTW. I got an issue in the mail a few weeks ago. I don't remember subscribing and it's still not Spy, goddamnit.)
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God, I miss Spy! To this day I can't look at Donald Trump without thinking "short-fingered vulgarian".
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Response by poster: Well, look at that: I found it myself. Thanks for the lead.
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