What's my best option for a multiple-user blog?
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What's my best option for a multiple-user blog?

I want to set up multiple blogs in kind of a network setup. Ideally you could just login to one location and post to several different blogs from the same backend. I'm messing around with Wordpress-MU (I currently have several Wordpress blogs) but would like to try out other options before I commit to anything. Whatever I use, it needs to be free.
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Vox allows crossposting to other locations, though I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for.

Here's more on the subject.
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Response by poster: Thanks. I want whatever I use to be self-hosted, though. And fully customizable.
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Movable Type is easily your best option and is free for personal use. You didn't specify what this is for, but if you're not planning to make any money then Movable Type provides the easiest way to allow multiple users to post to multiple blogs on the same install.
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Drupal can do this.
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Response by poster: I'll probably never make any money since, personally, I think AdSense is kind of tacky!
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Response by poster: Has anyone had any experience with Lyceum? It's built on Wordpress apparently...
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ExpressionEngine does unlimited blogs, with a fine level of control over who can post in what blog, all from the same backend. It costs money, but you can download a free, light version or try a full 30 day demo with tech support for $10.
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I do just that with MovableType and it works just fine.
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AdSense is a.ok for personal blogs on MT. From the FAQ:

If you're an individual with blogs that do not directly support a commercial endeavor, you can use the Personal Use license. (Incidental revenue such as Google AdSense, Amazon Associates fees, PayPal tip jars, or other similar programs which aren't the main purpose of the site are okay under the personal license.)
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After considering Wordpress-MU and Lyceum with a client, we opted for b2evolution because it was easier to install and seemed to have more user & developer support behind it. YMMV. I gather that it shares common roots with Wordpress.
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Blogger gives you a dashboard from which you can view all the blogs you've set up to that user id. You can click a little "new post" button under each one and it will take you to a new post window for that specific blog, however I don't believe there's an option to post to all at once. Its free, however.
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I use Movable Type, but I'm looking at Drupal for a new multi-blog site.

You might want to try some of the free CMS demos at http://www.opensourcecms.com/
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FWIW, I think Wordpress MU is far from ready for prime-time. I'd strongly recommend giving some of the other suggestions serious consideration before defaulting back to it.
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