Finger + Trackpad = Friction
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How can I reduce the friction between my finger and my MacBook Pro track pad?

I usually don't have any problems with my track pad, but sometimes when my hands are a little bit sweaty, freshly washed, or cold from being outside, it's nearly impossible to effectively my track pad. I've tried using paper towels but they don't seem to get my fingertips as dry as they could be.

Has anyone else experienced reduced track pad function due to moist/cold fingers? If so, what did you do to make it better?
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I switch fingers, it seems to help--all the fingertips that aren't being used air dry for a while and then I rotate again.
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If your MacBook is anything lke mine there's a constant stream of very hot air blowing out of the grille at the back. Works a treat for me.
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Best answer: Trackpads definitely don't work well with sweaty fingers. The above link explains what's going and advises some remedies. A friend of mine who suffers from a moderate case of Palmar Hyperhidrosis also keeps a gymnast's chalk bag on his desk.
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Hand lotion. Works like a charm.
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I have that problem all the time. the mbp trackpad sucks donkey balls for those who are seriously working with their machines, just like the apple mice (well, they actually blow goats).

hand lotion kind of does it but get a real mouse like a cordless bluetooth logitech. it makes a hell of a difference.
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Best answer: I "shine" my mouse finger on my pants. Vigorously rub said finger on your dry pants/shirt/underwear/coworker for about 10 seconds. Always works for me.
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Best answer: Personally I like a little more friction, not less friction; the idea of greasing up my hands before touching the trackpad is kind of horrifying. The nice trackpad surface wears down that much faster!

I think you might like Applepeelz Trackpadz, which are a very high gloss sticker that you can stick to the trackpad. Unlike most similar products I've tried, these don't start to peel around the edges over time. They can be removed, but they don't remove themselves.

Personally I'd rather something less smooth and more friction-y, but the Applepeelz product sounds perfect for you.
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