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Monday night I’m taking a car full of people into Valencia for the Cremà of Las Fallas. What do we do with the car?

Things I’ve considered include
  • the metro Park & Ride stops (will they be full? How far away are they?),
  • asking my (4-star) base hotel in Barcelona if we can arrange for parking at their location in Valencia (would they??)
  • the airport (far away)
  • and just crossing my fingers (stupid).

    Tidbits: Coming to the city by bus or train does not fit our schedule, I’ve checked. Taking the metro or bus from parking to plaza is okay. We cannot get to Valencia until 9 or 10pm. I speak Spanish but have never been to Valencia before. I expect to have to pay (an arm and a leg).

    Thanks for any advice that will make our willy-nilly adventure more fun and less frustrating!
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    Best answer: I was living in the north of Valencia (near Benimaclet) last year for Fallas, and I reckon you should be right parking near any of the outer stations and catching the train into the centre.

    I guess you could park as far out as Alboraya (and other satallite towns) - basically anywhere on the metro lines. I think outside Valencia proper they don't have Fallas, so it's like any other day. I wouldn't bother with the airport - they'll charge you money to leave the car and it's no closer than other stations.
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    Try the Hotel first though - it's worth a shot.
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    Response by poster: The results are in:

    We ended up with two rental cars and despite best efforts were separated by a toll plaza just outside of Barcelona, and only one car had directions. OOPS.

    Anyway, one of us ended up parking near Universitat, the other near Via Zaragoza. No problems, but the "trains run 24 hours" oddly doesn't apply on the last night of the Fallas.

    In any case, thanks for helping me be the best volunteered tour guide I could be in a city I'd never been to. This was definitely unforgettable.
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    Response by poster: Ah, and the parking was all free. The tolls on the AP7 are another matter.
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