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Hoping this isn't too obscure, but here goes:

So I've got a perl CGI script. That script kicks off another process using system (or exec, or backticks, same difference.) That other process takes a long time, and produces a lot of output, which I'd like to stream to the browser continuously -- or at least often enough to keep the connection open -- instead of waiting for it to end before flushing the buffer.

I know how to use $| to get perl to autoflush its own output. How do I do the same for the system process being called from within perl?
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Setting "$| = 1" before your exec should work. What happens?
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I don't really do perl, but based on experience with other languages I imagine you want to open a pipe to the process. Apparently one uses open to get a handle for the pipe, which you can then read as frequently as you would like to update the browser.

Perl gurus may feel free to shoot me down.
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Best answer: Try perldoc perlopentut, look for the word "pipe."
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Response by poster: That did the trick, majick. (Still comes out in ~10K chunks, instead of flushing after every newline -- but that's at least frequent enough to keep the browser connection open.)

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You're welcome.

It sounds like you ought to play some more with $|. Have a peek at this example of how to apply autoflush to different filehandles. Just putting $| = 1; at the top of your script isn't going to do all the things you think it should do.
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