What's the best solution for a World of Warcraft Guild Website?
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Can anyone point me to a great, extensive all-in-one solution for Guild Website Management?

I'm in a Guild with a bunch of members, and they're always asking about the guild site. We have a domain, but nothing on it. I've looked at guild portal, and I think its ok, but there has to be something better out there.

I Love wowroster, but I'm not a script ninja and can't for the life of me figure out how to display only what I want on a page.

Does anyone know of a good all inclusive site that would provide easy rosters, tradeskill tracking, events management, guildbanks, possibly DKP, forums, and a blog style front page?
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Check out DKP System for a really good guild management site. There is a cost outlay, but it's not extravagant at all.
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Not quite what you're looking for, but the easiest guild roster in Azeroth these days has to be the Armory.
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My guild's site uses phpnuke for the bloggish front page and forums. We use wowroster for the roster/bank, which also shows players' tradeskill info (levels, recipes, etc). The downside to wowroster is convincing your guildies to actually use it, since otherwise you'll only end up with character class and level.
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My guild's site uses Joomla for the front page and an old, free Invision forum site (because it was set up before anyone who could do web design joined the guild, and we didn't want to change it).

We tried wowroster, but getting people to actually upload their data on a regular basis was pretty much a losing battle. The same for any of the guild event managers we tried (and it was a few) in order to organize raids, and the same when we tried to get everyone to even use just the uniuploader to upload their data to the RPG Outfitter site. The data would get stale, and then it was pretty much useless. Perhaps you would have better luck, though.

The newest version of the site uses the Armory to display the roster, and we just maintain a pinned list on the forums of anyone who has a very specific, rare recipe/tradeskill. The guild bank page uses a modified version of the GuildTools addon, which works pretty well.

I've been looking into some new tools for skinning the data from the armory, like the one from tachyonsix, but I dunno how that will turn out yet.

I will say that the hardest thing so far has been the guild event manager, and I have yet to find a good solution.

Not really what you were looking for, I think, sry, but that's my experience with trying to get my guild set up with a site. If you wanted to try a hosted solution, something like GuildLaunch might work, and they even have a DKP module.

If you are looking for a good CMS to get you started, and you don't want to spend ages tweaking the template, I would go with the phpnuke solution that chickygrrl mentioned. They have several good WoW-themed templates, which I haven't been able to find for any other CMS. Good luck!
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