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What cheeses should I go out of my way to try in Ireland?

At the end of April my wife and I will be traveling to Ireland for a two week vacation. I've had two such vacations in Ireland in the past, so I don't need any Ireland tourist advice. But in the last few years we've picked up a strong interest in cheeses and would like to see what wonderful samples we can find in the emerald isle.

Local cheeses? Cheese shops?

We'll be staying around Clare and Galway, but we'll have a car and wouldn't mind driving a ways for some good cheese.
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Best answer: I've only been to the Dublin location of Sheridan's Cheese, but they apparently have an outpost in Galway. I would go and ask the people working there for recommendations for places to visit. I'm sure they know Irish cheese as well as anyone does.

If you're in Dublin, Sheridan's has a stand at the Temple Bar market on Saturday mornings. Temple Bar on a Saturday night is pretty much my idea of hell, but the market is pretty nice.
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I'm afraid things are a bit limited here as local exports go- however, here is always cheese with Guinness in it. I'm not sure how they do it....Here in the North, i'm partial to a bit of (maybe too dull for ya) Coleraine Mature Cheddar- tart, crumbly and goood!
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I should have included the website for Sheridan's.
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A little story on the subject. Take it for what it's worth.

While in Ireland, my friends and I went to a rural pub (an hour or two from Dublin) for dinner. Most of us were famished, but my friend Lorrie was not, so she decided to order something light - the "Cheese Plate". When dinner arrived, Lorrie's was by far the largest - huge slabs of several different cheeses (and bread, crackers & fruit). We all had to help her finish it. But we all agreed - it was some of the best cheese we ever had. And it was all from local farms.
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There's at least one good cheese shop in Galway that I've been to; judging by the address on their website it was probably Sheridans (it's close to an old church, a stone's throw from Shop Street if my memory serves me correctly).
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Best answer: It's not really close to Galway, but I figured I'd put it here just in case: the big covered Market in Cork (on Patrick Street) has a number of great cheese stands, with some neat local cheeses. I had smoked gubbeen and a few others whose names I've forgotten. Just ask for local cheese, they should have a few different kinds from around County Cork. Those plus some olives and bread from the other stands in the market make a lovely lunch...
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Response by poster: This one? Looks like it might be worth the drive. Thanks.
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The sister's living in Kinsale (in West Cork), and she says the cheese at the Farmer's Market there is out of this world.

And I think she said she got some great stuff from the wan in the pic:

Kinsale would be a bit of a drive from the Clare & Galway area, but it's a nice touristy town with decent restuarants and might be worth the drive for a overnight stay.
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