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Can anyone recommend any non-classical music with prominent cello?

I recently stumbled upon a couple of albums with cello and was really blown away by the sound. The albums were "Room of Songs" by the Alejandro Escovedo String Quintet and "Acoustic" by Joey Cape & Tony Sly. The Cape & Sly album had the cello kind of buried in the mix but the Escovedo disc had very prominent cello with a nice lush sound. Both discs were by artists who normally play electric so I suppose that could be a factor in my enjoyment.

I would appreciate any suggestions of either artists or particular albums with cello that I might also enjoy. Genre is not that important to me but I don't think I'd enjoy a straight classical album (although I would give it a chance) - actually, something with vocals would be preferred.
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The Magnetic Fields use a lot of cello in their stuff. I think I has more of it going on than 69 Love Songs (which goes all over the place stylistically).
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Nirvana's MTV Unplugged disc has a lot of cello on it.
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Some cello group was doing Tool covers... sorry, but I can't remember the name. Definitely recommend though
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Velvet Underground's Street Hassle.
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Not albums, but a couple of tracks that leap to mind:
- Kristin Hersh, "Your Ghost", from Hips and Makers
- Poe, "That Day", from Hello
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Rasputina. Can't recommend this band highly enough.
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You shouldn't miss MetaFilter Music's own Ljova. Ok, it's viola, not cello but I think you'll like it and it fits your search.
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Rasputina. Goth cello-chicks.
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Don't know either of the two albums you mention, but I will give them a look over. Thank you.

Anyway, you might like to google Zoe Keating: one cello x 16 natoma

No vocals, though.

Why not classical? The six cello suites (by J S Bach) contain some of the most gorgeous music ever. Can recommend the renditions by the French cellist Maurice Gendron. Cheap 2cd on Phillips. One of the best investments I have ever made.

Happy listening!
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Much older, but Harry Chapin always had a cello as a part of his arrangements. Although his biggest hits were Cat's in the Cradle and Taxi, I would very much recommend Legends of the Lost and Found if you were only going to buy one album.
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Jorane. French-canadian woman with cello, kind of indie.
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Its not terribly prominient but the song Vapour Trail by RIDE is cool. Link to youtube video.
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Also, hopefor agoldensummer. Such nice folks. Not much on their website right now while they finish up an album, though.
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Most of the excellent "Workbook" album by Bob Mould has cello on it.
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The String Quartet Tribute albums might interest you as well.
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Damien Rice - O
Drugstore - White Magic for Lovers
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"Cello Song" by Nick Drake. A few of his songs feature cello.
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i would feel remiss if i didn't mention scrabbel. they're from the bay area and my friend plays cello for them.

you also might want to check out the divine comedy. some of their (his) albums have more cello/string arrangements than others.
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Matson Jones! Like Rasputina, they often use so much pounding speed and electricity you swear it's electric guitars up against the drums and vocals.

Their website has mysteriously disappeared, but they're on iTunes. Odd music video here, for Good Advice, with a relentless cello that manages to sound like Jaws swimming toward you, wearing lipstick.
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Diane by Therapy? has some pretty awesome strings in it which are either cello or double bass. Also some pretty wierd lyrics - NSFW (although this version seems to be the radio edit version...)
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I feel Apocalyptica needs more of an explanation (and explicit endorsment from yours truly).

Their first album is called '(Apocalyptica) Plays Metallica by Four Cellos'. It's totally awesome, and I'm not a big fan of Metallica.
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Channeling Owen!!!!! I do not lightly decide upon a degree of enthusiasm commensurate to five exclamation marks, either.
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Arthur Russell
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Tara Fuki. Polish. Two women. Two cellos. Beautiful stuff.
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The Ex and Tom Cora "And the Weathermen Shrug Their Shoulders"

Loung Lizards Live in Berlin I & II featuring the jello on the cello Jane Scarpantoni
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A Whisper in the Noise
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Cursive's album 'The Ugly Organ' features cello throughout.
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Darling Violetta wrote and performed the Angel theme (which includes a prominent cello part). I think the cello is featured in several of their other songs as well.
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Seconding Arthur Russell, though his work may take some time to get into (did for me). Lots of just him and his sort of flat singing + cello. Really totally great, though.

Can't wait for the upcoming documentary, too!
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Acoustic Eidolon are an amazing duet of cello and, get this, doubleneck guitjo (half guitar and half banjo). Do yourself a favor and look them up.
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(bonfire) madigan hasn't been as active in recent years but is an awesome songwriter/cellist.
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The Who, "A Quick One While He's Away," sort of:
We wanted to put 'cellos on the track but Kit Lambert said we couldn't afford it. That's why we sing 'cello, cello, cello, cello,'…where we thought they should be.
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Get the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack. It's kick ass.
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Break of Reality.
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Jump, aka Jump, Little Children. Their earlier stuff is a little more cello-prominent than their recent albums.
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Look for albums with Jane Scarpantoni in the credits. She has a distinctive style that was used a lot from the late 80s onward, and judging from my music collection she was the go-to cello session musician during the alt-rock era. Among other albums, she plays on Bob Mould's Workbook (cited above), and on one of my favorite obscurities, Peter Holsapple and Christ Stamey's slight but charming Mavericks.
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If you like Paul Winter's music, you might try Eugene Friesen.
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Verbow were a power-pop band that featured cello on all songs and were connected in a couple ways to Bob Mould.
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There's a local band called Canada that uses a cello prominantly in their slowish-Arcade Fire sound.
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Some more thoughts: Waltz by Rex is a short EP of slow-moving folk/punk/drone with lots of cello and horn in the arrangements.

The Balanescu Quartet does string quartet versions of non-classical music (eg, 'Posessed' is a collection of Kraftwerk covers), in the same way Apocalyptica does Metallica.
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The sountrack music for the movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" prominently features Yo Yo Ma and his Stradivarius (which is worth millions). But any performance by him, of anything at all, is going to be good; he's widely considered the best cellist alive today.
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Here's something: Suite for Cello and Jazz Piano Trio
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Alice by Tom Waits has cello, though I've always wished that he'd hired a better player - the other strings are great, but the cello sounds scratchy and out of tune.
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Julia Kent, John Contreras.
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The Instruments are led by cellist Heather McIntosh, and naturally enough many of their songs feature cello.
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Nthing Rasputina, especially Thanks for the Ether.
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PJ Havey, particularly her earlier albums like "Dry".

Oysterband, particularly more recent albums like "Here I Stand".

Voltaire has quite a bit of cello on his stuff, as did the late lamented 16 Horsepower.

Jane Scarpentoni shows up on a couple of Firewater records.
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Yeveto. First got together to do a soundtrack for the silent film Der Golem, just put out another record. No vocals, but beautiful stuff.
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The Low & Sweet Orchestra have an album called "Goodbye to All That." Pretty rootsy.

The line-up includes Zander Schloss from the Circle Jerks and James Fearnley from the Pogues. And their cello player is -- ready? -- actor Dermot Mulroney.

Good stuff.

Also, I'm not very familiar, but you might try the music of Christine Gunn (of Trillian Green). Her website has samples.
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Gideon Freudman---especially "Hologram Crackers" and "Adobe Dog House". It's one guy and one cello (but he does cool things with looping in real time to make it quite complex). It's instrumental (at least, I strongly prefer his instrumental stuff to the folk-type songs he sometimes does) but I wouldn't classify it as classical.

His stuff is amazing.
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Several songs on R.E.M.'s Automatic for the People feature cellos. They're most prominent in "Nightswimming."
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Kronos Quartet -- some, but not all, of their stuff is considered classical. Their CD with the Tiger Lilies, "The Gorey End," is a setting of some of Edward Gorey's verse to music.
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Tattle Tale's "Glass Vase Cello Case." Also, Chris Pureka's first album (Driving North) uses cello on "Burning Bridges" and maybe a few other songs. Also, seconding the soundtrack to "Requiem for a Dream," or anything else by Philip Glass - especially the string quartets.
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On the soundtrack to the film Orlando, there's a track called "Pavanne" which is essentially a hot-sounding arrangement of the Renaissance song Belle qui tiens ma vie for strings, and has prominent cello. There's a sample on the Amazon page.

And short, sweet and cheesy: the theme from Angel. Downloady link at the bottom of this page. Damn, the internet rocks.
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Response by poster: Wow, you guys are awesome! I wasn't expecting so many suggestions. I'll spend this weekend on the Internet listening to samples and hopefully make some purchases as well. Thanks again!
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The first thing that cam to mind was the aforementioned Street Hassle, but you'll find it on a Lou Reed album of the same name, not on anything by the Velvet Underground
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how could no one have mentioned Murder By Death yet?!
they have a great cellist.
my friend and I had made a couple of "cello-core" mixes for another friend of ours, all rock stuff with cellos, i should try to find them.

also try smart went crazy. both albums are excellent.
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I'd suggest No River City's first album "This is Our North Dakota". I'm pretty sure the band's not together in the guitar-voices-cello configuration anymore, but this album slays me. Dark, smart, alt-country-ish music with dead-on harmonies. The cello player picks up a lot of the lead melody lines, and sings like an angel.

If you dug the Alejandro albums (as I did), I'd suggest it.

You can still pick the CD up at Miles of Music, methinks.

This is the question that inspired me to join the community after a year of lurking.
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Elvis Costello with the Brodsky Quartet, "The Juliet Letters"
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Also check out Asa Chang and Jun Ray, which is treated drums and cello, and really good and weird and spacy.
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