Blank message screen on WM5 Smartphone
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Help! Opening any text messages or emails displays a blank white screen on my Cingular 2125 (HTC Faraday) Windows Mobile 5 smartphone.

I'm still receiving incoming SMS (text) and email messages. It's still notifying me of new messages, and when I open the inbox (SMS or email, doesn't matter), I see the list of new messages and their first line of text. When I click to open them, though, I just get a blank screen!

The screen is totally white except for the menu bar at the bottom and the header at the top ("Text Messages", battery indicator, signal strength indicator). At the bottom, "Reply" and "Menu" show up, and both buttons work. If I press "Menu" it gives me the normal menu options for a message (Delete, Reply, etc). If I press "Reply", the screen stays white but the menu bar changes to indicate that I should be looking at the Compose window ("Reply" at the bottom changes to "Send", "Menu" has different options). However the screen area is still completely white with no text, lines, etc for me to compose in.

So yeah, incoming messaging works, but when I open any message it's just a blank white screen. I don't have any weird character packs/CE-Star thing going on. I can't trace it back to starting after any specific app I've installed either; it appears to have just started at random this week.

Please help!! Thanks :)
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Have you try a "Hard-Reset"? Usually that would be the last resort, but your case seems severe enough. Take out your memory card if you have any, because it will delete the data in there. I hope that would help. That hlped for my O2 smartphone.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the reply. Yes, a hard reset is my last resort. I don't want to do it if I don't have to as reinstalling and setting everything back up is a major paint.

I'm searching for registry settings to check, etc. It's really bizarre, I don't know why it just started happening..
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I assume tech support for the product is unresponsive?
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Response by poster: The provider is Cingular and I haven't tried that route yet. Since it's a smartphone, I want to rule out any software bugs before I do. That's the downside of running Windows Mobile; you have to troubleshoot it like a Windows PC!
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