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NYCFilter: What neighborhoods am I missing in my google earth mapping?

I'm starting to make an NYC utimate KMZ super happy fun pack, which I will then post to the GE bbs and to MeFi Projects, but in the meantime I have to make it. Yesterday I was sick and off from work, so I mapped every single community district in the 5 boroughs down to street level (using this). I also added placemarks for every neighborhood that they and wiki had, and that I know, but I know I didn't get them all. Especially in Brooklyn. So now I'd like to probe the hive mind for what I missed. You can get my KMZ here. If your feeling adventurous you can email a KMZ of your adds to m4chfive AT, or just post what I missed or screwed up in this here thread.

As a side question, what would you like to see in this pack that GE doesn't currently provide? So far, I have complete subway and NJ Transit system maps, this map of neighborhoods and community districts, a map of where all the police precincts are, and local weather radar maps. What would you want to see?

Thanks for your help!
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I can't look at the KMZ right now, but I know I love my NFT book, as it is fairly comprehensive.

Alternatively, they are so awesome you can look at high-quality PDFs of the whole book here.
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Bus routes, Time Warner Cable zones (it's always confusing to find out that most of Western Queens is under Time Warner Brooklyn and not Time Warner Queens), and of course the LIIRR and Metro North lines (you've only mentioned subway and NJ Transit).
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Zip codes
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Zip codes would definitely be cool. Don't forget to add the PATH lines (not sure if they fall under your NJ Transit ones or not).

I'd of course love it if you added Hoboken to the list of nabes, but nobody ever does that (with the rare exception of the initial version of gmaps pedometer, since the guy who did that actually lived in Hoboken).
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Have you seen the NYC Oasis map server? Open spaces, community gardens, playgrounds, etc.
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Response by poster: NYC Google Earth Mega Pack! (for you that favorited this)
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