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iTunes filter: Can I sync my music on my iTunes player to my non-apple MP3 player?

I have an iRiver T10 and it doesn't want to sync. I know how to use an iPod, as both of my kids have them and I'm usually the one syncing them.

What am I doing wrong? Am I missing a step somewhere or won't iTunes work with my player?

If this isn't possible, can someone suggest an alternative or work-around? I'd really like to use all that music that I paid for! :)
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No you can't. iTunes only syncs with iPods, and music bought in the iTunes store can only be transferred to iPods. If the music you have in iTunes was ripped from CD (or downloaded from somewhere other than iTunes) you should be able to get the music on to the mp3 player providing it's in a format that the iRiver supports (e.g. mp3). To do this you'll need to use whatever process the iRiver has specified in the manual for transferring music onto it.
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I would recommend using MediaMonkey to sync your player - it will work with all of your mp3 files that didn't come from the iTunes store, as EndsOfInvention says. For songs you bought from Apple, you will have to do the same thing that I am in process of doing - burn CDs of the purchased songs with iTunes, then rip them back to mp3.
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Note that the quality of the burned and ripped iTunes-purchased tracks will be reduced, but will still be "good enough" for most of us.

Also note that it is a good practice to set iTunes to rip CDs to MP3 files (which is not the default, I believe) as a general rule so the files can be used in other ways on down the line. The iPod can play MP3s just fine, so there is no disadvantage to having a mix of MP3s you ripped and purchased tracks.
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Best answer: From this google search:
Itunes sync non ipod

I found badfruit

and something over at sourceforge

I'd also suggest searching for "itunes sync non ipod"
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If you know how the file structure of your iRiver functions, you can drag/drop stuff straight from iTunes into the folders of another player. I used to transfer music from my iTunes playlist to a memory stick for playback on my Sony Clie. Worked fine for the most part, but of course, no adherence to actual playlist structures.
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I had never thought about this, but I use my mobile phone (with A2DP goodness, yeeeah) as my MP3 player. I also have a MacBook, so filmgeek's suggestions didn't apply to me.

So I found SyncTunes and iTuneMyWalkman 0.94
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Response by poster: @ filmgeek and others...

I like the Bad Apple program and the iTunes Agent program that were recommended. Anyone have personal experience with either/both of these? Anyone have a recommendation of one over the other?

My next question is...when using one of these programs, will the songs/programs be converted to MP3s so they will play on my MP3 player or do I have to do something special to convert them?

You're all being so helpful!!! Thanks!!!
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I don't know the specifics of how those programs work, but you'll most likely end up with MP3s on your player.

/yea drm!
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