Yahoo Auto-Password Entry
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Help me cram my password down Yahoo's #&%*&@ throat.

I'm a member of several Yahoo Groups and read the new postings daily. I seldom post, and when I do, it's nothing I need to keep secret.

When I haven't been on for 24 hours, Yahoo (unlike, for example, AskMetafilter) won't let me in until I enter a password, even to read passively.

I do this on my lunch hour at work, where I'm restricted to Internet Explorer and can't do even simple programming.

How can I enter my Yahoo password automatically to get past the (*#&$(*#&$(*^%)#(@#() challenge screen?
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Subscribe to the groups and use gmail (or any other webmail) to read the messages.
posted by Rhomboid at 4:56 AM on March 14, 2007

Can't you subscribe to an RSS feed?
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At home, the Yahoo! mail login page has a "keep me logged in for 2 weeks" option, but I can't seem to get it here. If you can get that option to show up, it may apply site wide.

And AskMe has a non-expiring cookie, so you stay logged in unless you log out, whereas Yahoo! wants to log you out as much as possible. Security and all that.
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Response by poster: rhombold - I'm already subscribed to the groups. What I can't do is go to and see the message boards without going through the password challenge. It knows who I am, so it sets that kind of permanent cookie (call it Cookie1), but it won't remember my password.

niles - I already have the 2-week cookie (call it Cookie2). That only keeps me from being logged off automatically after an hour or two. It doesn't let me in in the first place without throwing up the challenge screen.

Cookie2 doesn't keep me logged in once I leave the Yahoo site. Yahoo apparently sets Cookie3, a 1-day cookie that lets me back in without the password that day, but the next day it starts all over again.

It's maddening.
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I mean subscribe as in change your messaging preference so that you receive every post as an email, then read them as email using another site.
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I'm often asked for my passwords several times within a 15-20 minute browse through my groups. I am always asked when I try to edit my profile or add groups, etc. I agree that it is annoying.
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