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I am somewhat hard of hearing but hear quite well when I wear my hearing aids. I drive a Lexis RX300 and often drive around with my turn-signal on because I don't hear the clicker. I have not had this problem in cars that I have rented. Is there a way to make the turn-signal clicker louder?
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My experience is more with deafness and hearing aids than auto parts, but I have heard that hearing aids frequently respond to electronics (store anti-theft devices, radios, etc.) differently than they do other noises. I assume you have already tried turning up your hearing aids, but would perhaps changing your programming help? (I realize that this might create problems elsewhere, but it's just a thought.)
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your dealership can put in a louder clicker.
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The real fix for this is to change your driving habits. If you get into the habit of following every glance in the rear-view mirror with a glance at the instrument panel, you'll notice the turn signal flasher before it's been left on for an unreasonable amount of time. This fix will work for you regardless of what vehicle you're driving, and may also mean you notice e.g. an oil pressure warning lamp before your motor seizes up :-)
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Unfortunately, there is no volume control for your turn signal. I suggest you visit a car audio joint and mention your problem. They could definitely create either a discrete LED visual signal or a home made audio signal of some kind. Go to a place that does custom work. A Sears Autocenter is NOT where you want to be.
If you see something like This going on in the shop you are in the right spot.

Happy hearing
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I too wear a HA.
I can hear the turn signal in most cars, like you. So, if I were you, I'd visit the Lexus dealership and ask to listen to a few other car model's turn signals on the lot. Find one that rocks your socks and ask them to replace yours with this type.

Also, I quickly searched JCWhitney (car parts) and they stock a 'Very Loud Turn Signal Flasher' (!) [part # ZX132596P], though can't say whether it'll work in a Lexus. Good luck.
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I agree with flabdablet. I am very hard of hearing and I concentrate constantly about the car operation. I don't hear the click either. I just make myself remember that I made a turn and check the turnsignal. I have great success in resetting it now if it should not reset itself after a turn. It was not easy but at least it works. Good luck.
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Have you confirmed with someone who is not hard of hearing that the turn signal is in fact clicking? Some cars use a quieter or even silent turn signal alert to let the driver know that a headlight or taillight is burned out. It's very unlikely, but worth double-checking.
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Hmmm. There used to be a product made for deaf people called the Blinker Buddy but I don't see it online anymore. I only see it for motorcycles now. :(
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I've worn hearing aids since I was four years old and there is something about turn signals... I even have all-digital models that are relatively new and I still don't hear it, although I can hear other things in the car better than my passengers. My solution is to wait until my wife tells me it's on or I keep my hand half-on the lever until my turn/lane-change is completed.
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When I switched from American cars to my current Toyota Camry, I had the same problem, and my hearing is quite good. The turn signal clicker is just so much quieter in Toyota/Lexus models.

I'll second looking at the instrument panel frequently and investigating getting a louder clicker from the dealership. I'm not sure if the latter is possible, but it sure would not hurt to ask.
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Response by poster: This has been very helpful. Following up on your ideas, I did find this solution on the web.
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