Help me find a great mentor!
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I am interested in foreign/international relations. But I need a mentor!

I have a great day job and do not plan to leave it but have the dual strategy of either night law school or doing international affairs and taking the foreign service test in 2008. I have a law mentor but cannot find one for international affairs. I live in the Washington, DC area and would be willing to travel for the right person. If anyone is in this field or knows of anyone, my e-mail is parman at oddpost dot com.
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A little more detail would probably be helpful. Are you looking for information on specific graduate programs, or the process of applying to become a foreign service officer, or what?
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Response by poster: OK, I am really interested in cross-cultural communication and religious dialogue. I have a background in journalism but do not want to end up at the VOA but maybe as a press attache. I am really interested most of all in international risk.
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Response by poster: Obviously that answer was bad.

I am currently the producer of a nationally syndicated public radio show. I am interested in international risk but also in cross-cultural dialogue. My hope of hopes is to not end up in PR or at the Voice of America. This might be a double of my last follow-up to this question.
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I would suggest that you do some formal study of the subjects you're interested in and make contacts through the uni (college, sorry!) where you study. Your professors will be able to help both point you in the right direction and explore your career options.
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