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Newbie SEM question: .I want to launch a search campaign on google, yahoo, ask, msn, and aol. Since Google & AOL work together, do I only launch one campaign--on Google, or can I run separate campaigns on Google and AOL? Same question for MSN, Ask, etc. Also, aside from, can you recommend other PPC site? Thank you! (any recommendations much appreciated)
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In AdWords when setting up your campaigns make sure to keep the Search Network box checked in the "Campaign Settings" screen. This will ensure your ad appears on all of the websites Google syndicates it's paid results to, including AOL and MySpace. Unfortunately you can cannot pick which sites to run your ad in Google's Search Network. Also, do not confuse the Search Network with the Content Network as they are two entirely different things.

If this is your first PPC campaign, I'd spend your first three months optimizing and maximizing your Google and Yahoo accounts and hold off on MSN and Ask. In every vertical I've ever run a campaign for, the two of those end up accounting for around 85% of all the clicks generated and are good benchmarks for how specific keywords should perform.
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I've found Search Engine Watch to be helpful and have gotten a lot out of their conferences -- I try to go to the NYC one every year. If you've got the budget you might want to consider going.

Disclaimer: Not affiliated with SEW in any way.
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