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What sort of software would one use to create this kind of infographical videos?
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There was a question a few weeks (?) ago that asked what software was used to create this animation. I believe the answer as Adobe After Effects.

This looks quite similar, so I'm going to go with Adobe After Effects made this. Not 100%, but you COULD make this with AE.
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Well, you would definitely need something additional for the 3d modeling, such as the red weapons shown in one of those.
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Yeah, After Effects is definitely the major composition tool here, but there is some more going on with the 3d stuff. Perhaps Maya or Lightwave.

Best Guess:

90% After Effects
10% some 3d program . . .
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Apple markets a product called Motion which tries to service the same space as After Effects with regard to compositing.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the answers. I guess I was wondering if there's some video-compositing tool which does 3d as well (not modeling, but the whole "flat image comes in from behind the camera" sort of thing).
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Response by poster: Hmm, it looks like after effects does 3d, after all.
Cool, thanks!
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