How to merge rss feeds?
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Trying to merge multiple blogs into one feed. Yahoo pipes strips out the author field-- any ideas?

Are there any other ways to merge multiple feeds into one feed or is there a way to get yahoo pipes to pass the author field to the final feed?

Or failing that, is there a way to convert json to RSS? The pipes json output has all the fields.
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Do you have a server on which you can host the aggregated feeds? I've seen Planet Feed Reader ( used for a similar project in the past.
posted by sanitycheck at 1:57 PM on March 12, 2007

Perhaps try FeedBlendr?
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RSSMix, or alternately SuprGlu.
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Also, FeedDigest.
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I've used Feedshake with good results.

I took all the photoblogs I subscribe to and threw them together into one feed, and it's worked like a charm.
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Disclaimer: I own FeedDigest, and I still recommended FeedBlendr. The reason? I know FeedDigest won't maintain those author tags at this time ;-) (Of course, the other services might not either, but..)
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It's hard to believe that nobody has mentioned Yahoo! Pipes yet; Here it is.
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