I like to taste the young ones
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Who are some passionate, exciting young (as in under 35) chefs in San Francisco?

I know David Bazirgan, Mellisa Perello, Denis Leary, Chris Cosentino. Already found A16, Plumpjack, Coco 500, Range, and Blue Plate.

Who's next? I'm searching for the chefs who people in the know are talking about now and who everyone will be talking about next year. Know any impressive up and comers I should give a taste?
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I don't know the answer to your question, but I do know that the San Francisco discussions on Chowhound are the most energetic and well-informed of any city. If you don't already frequent that site, you should start post-haste. The first I heard of Michael Mina and countless others was there. Now that I sadly don't get to San Francisco as often, I'm out of the loop, but I'm confident that chowhound isn't.
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Greg Dunmore at Ame is really remarkable. Don't know who is or who will be talking about him, but I think he's exciting.
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Michael Bauer just announced the Chronicle's Rising Star Chefs for this year.

I can personally vouch for the outstanding talents of both Appleman (A13) and Kronner (Slow Club). Dunmore, too.
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Duh. A16.
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Daniel Patterson at Coi (pronounced kwa. I know, it's off-putting). Not really sure how young he is, since this is his third restaurant; to me, he looks to be in mid-late thirties. But he is innovative and exciting. Also quite opinionated; not long he publicly opined that food in the Bay Area has gotten boring, with too many chefs copying the Chez Panisse style. Those comments caused a lot of grumbling in the SF restaurant world, probably because they're true. This Chron review might fill you in a little.
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The folks at Incanto.

This better not make it impossible for me to get a seat.
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ikkyu2 - Don't worry, it's going to be impossible to get a seat anyway starting April 23rd.
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