Building a Wiki through MYSQL
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Which Wiki systems lend theirselves to allowing me to easily do an initial setup with MYSQL inserts to create the Wiki pages?

I need to set up a Wiki system spanning each day in history from January 1, 1960 to December 31, 2006 and have a page for each day (i.e. about 17,000 pages). Each page will have image tags to a unique image for that date that I am including (yep, thousands of unique images). So it makes sense for me to write a program which generates a slew of MYSQL inserts. This would do an initial setup for the Wiki system. Once in this Wiki format, visitors could add material and edit content.

On a lesser note, I'm wary about how to handle the images, as there's 6 a day (i.e. 100,000 of them). I'm not really sure about the implications of putting 100,000 GIF images in a single directory. I guess the Wiki systems don't split images into subdirectories, and I have no intent to start monkeying with Wiki source code.

Anyhow, has anyone had any experience building a Wiki database with simple MYSQL inserts? Which Wikis did you work with? Was it easy?
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Not sure if this is helpful, but there's a great table which lists all of the wikis side by side and gives you a detailed view of what features are available. You can find it here.
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Um, Mediawiki 1) runs on MySQL, and 2) supports images. Find out how they do it.
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I can help you with the images.
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In fact, if you've got your text data outside of mysql, you can modify that script to input articles pretty easily as well.
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