Please translate this Latin diploma from Howard University!
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Please translate this Howard University diploma from Latin to English for me.

The secretary's office at Howard University is... less than helpful. They print their diplomas in Latin, and won't give you a translation unless the graduate fills out a form. My boss and I don't need an authorized, sealed translated diploma; we just need something in English so Immigration doesn't get mad, and we need it ASAP. Help me out here, Latin-speaking MeFites? Thanks a million.

Universitas Howardiana Washingtonii
in Regione Columbiana sita
omnibus ad quos hae litterae peruerint salutem.

Praeses Curatoresque Universitatis Howardianae praeceptoribus academicis nominantibus ac probantibus
ad gradum Medicinae Doctoris admiserunt eique dederunt et concesserunt omnia insignia et iura quae ad hunc gradum pertinent. In cuius rei testimonium Praeses et Ordinis Curatorum Scriba et Decanus auctoritate rite commissa die XII mensis Maii
anno Salutis Humanae MMI Universitatisque Howardianae CXXXIII litteris hisce Universitatis sigillo munitis nomina subscripserunt
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Best answer: Very, very rough translation as my dictionary isn't with me, but hopefully can be of some help.

and I ran out of time, so here's what I have so far

Universitas Howardiana Washingtonii
in Regione Columbiana sita

Essentially, this means
"Howard University,
located in Washington , DC"

omnibus ad quos hae litterae peruerint salutem.
Literally, "To all those whom these presents (not sure what to translate this as) may come, greeting."
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Best answer: Here is my attempt at the rest, heavily leaning on the wording of my own diploma:

The President and Overseers of Howard University, with the consent of the honorable and reverend professors of the academy, have admitted NAME to the degree of Doctor of Medicine, and have granted and allowed all the honors and privileges thereto appertaining. In witness whereof, by the authority duly committed to them, the President and the Registrar? and the Dean have placed their names and the seal of the University (built upon learning?) on this 12th day of May in the year of our lord 2001 and of Howard University the 133rd.

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Yeah, that looks about right.
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Response by poster: Close enough for government work. Thanks, folks!
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