Best place for a woman to buy rock climbing shoes in Vancouver, BC?
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Best place to buy rock climbing shoes in Vancouver, BC?

My sister is coming into town (from Toronna) and I've offered to find the best place to buy rock climbing shoes. Value and selection are the priorities. I don't know her size, but I bet she's in the upper quarter of the female foot size distribution. MEC (in Toronto) was kinda useless -- I assume it might be better out here? Thanks!
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The obvious place to try would be the Coast Mountain Co-op a couple of blocks West of Main at Broadway. There's an Eco a couple of blocks down from there.

I looked at ABC of Rockclimbing but they don't list any physical stores.

Hey, are you out at UBC campus these days?
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Porpoise, I'm guessing you're meaning Mountain Equipment Co-op.
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Porpoise might also have been thinking about Coast Mountain Sports. There's one downtown in the (under construction) Pacific Centre, and a big one at Metrotown.
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Check out the area on Broadway, east of Burrard down to W4th. Because of MEC there are a disproportionate number of stores for outdoor gear in that area, here's a partial list.

Stores to skip on that list: Taiga (clothing only), Eco (doesn't sell rock climbing shoes) and AJ Brooks (think backpacks, tents and stoves).

3 Vets, Valhalla Pure, Altus and, Coast Mountain Sports are probably your best bets.
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If you can't find anything in town, you could try REI in Bellingham.
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