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Recommendations for a nice, unique, ring box

I am looking for a nice ring box that I can have delivered to me (in the U.S.) within the next week. I like stuff like this, but am not married to wood boxes. The problem with getting one custom made is that I am short on time.

Google turns up a lot of results that are pretty generic, so I was wondering if anybody had any recommendations.
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Try etsy.com.
posted by fluffy battle kitten at 12:43 PM on March 9, 2007

I second Etsy. These are great, and you can have the artist line one with felt or velvet, or losely wrap the ring before you insert it - as you would with tissue paper in a gift bag.
posted by AnyGuelmann at 12:59 PM on March 9, 2007

Why don't you make one? You can customize it so many ways.
posted by iconomy at 1:16 PM on March 9, 2007

I saw trinket boxes made out of individual sea shells during a short stop in Carmel, Calif. (at a store named Shells of Carmel). They were made from the halves of different types of shells including white conches and ones like this one. Not literally boxes (and maybe not in your price/quality range), I guess, but unusual I thought.
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PY, the beautiful box you linked reminded me of the traditional Limoges boxes.
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This might not be the effect you're going for, but you could use what I used when I gave my wife her engagement ring. Bonus--available at any grocery store!
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The other extreme.
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Tiffany sells a super-cute porcelain replica of their famous sky-blue box. Not cheap, it's $85, but you'd certainly keep it forever.
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I say chocolate!
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My dear, it is not the box -- but what is inside of it that really counts.

But if you insist -- Gently open a box of Cracker Jacks. Insert the ring as that box's prize. Reseal the box. Play it cool. Don't tip your hand and wait for your beloved to find the treasure.
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Decorative pill boxes come in a wide range of styles and prices.
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I made my own using meaningful photographs to decorate a sturdy cardboard box. It worked for me.
posted by nanojath at 12:06 AM on March 10, 2007

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