Trying to find pregnancy-advocate website.
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Looking for a website. I'm trying to track down a website for a classmate. It was a feminist site that dealt with pregnancy -- or possibly parenting/motherhood in general -- and I seem to remember them having a great deal of resources for pregnant women who had been discriminated against.

I'm pretty sure it had a Rosie the Riveter - esque graphic on the left, and I think it was a site to accompany a book that the creators had out. I think I saw it linked from Salon or Bitch, Ph.D. originally, but I'm not having any luck in their archives.

And it's not the National Advocates for Pregnant Women.

I actually suspect that I once linked to the site I'm looking for in an AskMe comment, but a search for "occhiblu pregnant" was not only unhelpful but also started wigging me out.
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Could it be one of these from a MF post of yours?
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No, it was more of a professional site, rather than just a blog (though I think there may have also been a blog?).
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Moms Rising?
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Thank you so much!
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The thread you may be thinking of is this query of mine from a few months ago. Some telling responses in that one! Looks like the Moms Rising folks have a lot of work to do.
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libraryhead, yeah.... this classmate was just very obviously turned down for an internship because she's visibly pregnant (they went from "Come in and talk to us! We have tons of opportunities!" to "Sorry, everything's filled" within three hours of meeting her). Unless they're also asking everyone else -- including men -- about their childcare responsibilities before hiring them (for an unpaid position!), it's just totally atrocious. Grrrrr.
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