Looking for a quality DVD recorder with built in VCR.
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Looking to purchase a DVD recorder with a built in VCR....need help finding a good one....

So, I have a bunch of VHS tapes I want to preserve onto DVD. I have checked with Amazon figuring they would have the biggest selection. I am looking to stay under $175 bucks as well...The only machines that I have heard of in that range and have the built in VCR's are from Panasonic, and all of them have gotten less then great reviews...Enough to scare me off for even giving it a shot despite the brand name and reputation....

Can anyone recommend a good machine, and where to purchase? simple as that!

much thanks
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I have a Sony RDR VX515. I think this is now last year's model or some such thing. It works fine, got OK reviews on CNET (but only so-so reviews from CNET users). But, again, it has worked fine for us, is progressive scan, has a boat load of features, etc. The list is around $300.

J&R has the Sony vx530, this year's model of the same machine, for < $200 unopened, or $170 for an opened box.br>
My .02 cents, YMMV, caveat emptor, etc.
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I have owned a Panasonic DMR-ES30V for a couple of years now and been thoroughly satisfied with its performance and quality. It is no longer made, but was replaced by this model, seen here at Best Buy, where I bought mine.

It's a bit more expensive than you indicated (~$230), but I have found mine to be well worth the investment.
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I've recently converted some VHS tapes to DVD without having to buy anything special or a DVD recorder with VCR.

What I did was hook up my regular old VCR to my DVD recorder, and then played the VHS tape whilst at the same time recording a DVD. It worked perfectly, and there was no real quality loss (VHS tapes aren't really high-quality to begin with).

Just get a regular DVD recorder, and make sure you can connect your normal VCR with it. I used a SCART connection, since my DVD recorder has both a SCART-in and out connector.
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I just bought a Samsund DVD-VR300 a few weeks ago. So far, no real issues. Works fine.

However .. I did find that if you are recording a sporting even, like basketball, the pixelization is very annoying, even on the highest quality setting, and even with DL DVDs. -- Also, I do recommend buying a recorder that supports Dual Layer (DL) dvds .. they are expensive ($2/each) but you're probably putting good things on DVD, and want the highest quality.
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