Things to do with kids in Mekbourne
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In Melbourne this weekend with my almost 12 year old daughter, staying in Carlton. What things are fun and don't require a car?
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Response by poster: MelbouRne. Admin, please hope me.
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melbourne's moomba waterfest is on... should be heaps of activities along the waterfront for kids... you could jump a tram into the city. enjoy.
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Carlton is in the inner city, so you can use the tram & trail network to travel around quite easily to the City and surrounding suburbs. Metlink has timetables and a trip planner.

You are close to the Melbourne Museum, although taking a train out to Scienceworks might be better and doesn't take too long.

Or perhaps take a tram into the city and then to Docklands for a 2-hr Trapeze lesson. My 13 yr old nephew had a blast doing this.

Here is a list of events on in Melbourne at the moment.
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You know you might be able to meet Jessamyn saturday night don't you?
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Scienceworks is awesome. Lots and lots of fun.

If you think eating is fun, then Melbourne is like a theme park. Italian on Lygon Street in Carlton. Vietnamese on Victoria Street in Richmond. Turkish and Lebanese on Sydney Road in Brunswick. Chinese on Little Bourke Street in the city. Greek on Lonsdale Street... All accessible by public transport. Yum cha for lunch on Sunday in Chinatown would be a fun meal with a 12 year old - loads to choose from.

If you get jammed for transport, email me. If I'm free I'll be happy to taxi you.
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Response by poster: Left to myself there is nothing I would rather do than hook up with Mefites and the mighty Jessamyn, but this is the first time I've had the child in 6 weeks, and will be the last time for several more, so I'm afraid taking Saturday evening off is not an option...

Scienceworks and the Moomba waterfest sound great.
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I think the kid friendly winner for this weekend would be the Moomba Waterfest Kids' Carnival.
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I'm a Carlton resident. I'd forget doing the Crown thing. Other end of town and not kid friendly as far as I'm concerned. If you want to head into town, maybe the aquarium. It's on the other side of the Yarra from Crown. That and ScienceWorks would be good for the educational part of the weekend. Otherwise, um, 12 year old lady. I'm thinking funky shopping, in Fitzroy or in South Yarra combined with Gelato. And the Mooba Waterfest sounds fun.

Btw, where does she normally live?
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The Rooftop Cinema is showing Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail on Saturday night, if you think that might appeal. Great venue, although you may want to check that kids are allowed on a Saturday night.

Brunetti's cakes and icecream are reason enough not to leave Carlton.

I know a thirteen year old Melbourne girl who loves the National Gallery of Victoria, but that will depend on the individual... although the water wall by the front door of NGV international is fun even for non-arty kids. She also loves the zoo.
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When I was in Melbourne on vacation at that age, the one activity I loved above all others was going out to see the Fairy Penguins. It's about a 45 minute drive outside of town, but it's also a popular tour destination, so I'm sure you'd just need to ask at a hotel to find an easy way to get there.
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Response by poster: Where does she normally live?

She's been brought up in New Zealand with me but has been living in Melbourne for the last six weeks. And will be for some time.
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...going out to see the Fairy Penguins. It's about a 45 minute drive outside of town, ....

erm, not it most certainly is not. It would take up all of your afternoon and you would get back quite late, having spent a lot of time on a bus. Don't do that.

Zoo is close. Melbourne museum maybe (I'm not very impressed), aquarium is good.
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erm, not it most certainly is not.

Ok, sorry. Their website must be wrong.
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