Sisyphus Looks for a Hill
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In preparation for this event on Memorial Day weekend, I'm looking for a good hill or set of stairs to train on. Problem is, I live in Queens.

I make it up to the Catskills as much as I can, but am really itching for something closer for evening runs. The best place I've found within the borough are the stairs/paths around Astoria Park. Any local MeFites know of other accessible/public options? Bonus points for map links. Thanks all.
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There is a good hill in Forest Hills (go figure). Plug these coordinates into Google Earth:

Latitude: 40°43'39.87"N
Longitude: 73°51'6.06"W

That should do the trick for ya.

Forest Park has some good ones as well but i'm less familiar with the terrain there so you'll have to explore.
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Maybe run the Queens-RI span of the Triboro? The incline is decent, plus there are stairs leading onto the bridge and then a few sets of stairs on the bridge itself. The entrance is here. Bonus: great views.
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The Bronx is the hilliest borough and certainly accessible by subway & bus. How about Van Cortlandt Park?
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How about parking garages? You can run up and down the ramps.
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I haven't been there myself, but I've heard good things about the hills in Forest Park, down near Woodhaven.
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