Where to find awesome linens at awesome prices?
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Just got a new queen bed, and my linens are too small. (Double/full fit.) I need to get some nice, comfy stuff, but really don't want to spend $150+. Do you guys know of (legit) out-of-the-way sites on the Webinet that sell nice sheets for awesome prices?
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I'm in the same boat as you are, Mikey-San: my queen bed arrived on Saturday, and I took some of the advice offered here a while back (tag search for "sheets"), and got some Modal sheets from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Absolutely amazing, though I have yet to assess how well they launder.
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Ack, forgot to add: BB&B isn't 'out of the way,' obviously, but these sheets are significantly less than $150, and are spectacularly comfortable.
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Amazon quite often has quality (read: high thread count) sheets for 50% off or more.
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I've ordered comforters and sheets from Overstock.com, and it went well.
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not exactly an "out of the way" site, but target.com (or your local store) has tons of tasteful stuff for cheap, sheets included. I just recently got a nice queen sheet set there for $20.
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I think that brick-and-mortar places like TJ Maxx and Marshall's are a good bet here. You can get slightly irregular very high quality sheets for around $50 / set for queens. I doubt that the internet will be a lot cheaper, especially when you add in the shipping. And besides, you could have them today, instead of sleeping again on the sheets that won't fit on the bed. Worst. night. of. sleep. ever.
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I got 1000 threadcount Queen sheets from Amazon on a sale for $60. I have never had nicer, well, anything. They are like BUTTAH. AMazon often has great, great sheet deals.
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Also, brick-and-mortarwise, Tuesday Morning can not be beat for linen prices. I just bought 400-TC king Egyptian cotton sheets for $70.
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Over the past few years I've gotten some incredible deals on bedding on eBay.

There is usually a huge selection of new-in-package, high end (often big name designer), high thread-count linens there at rock bottom prices.

I assume the majority of these are just manufacturer's overstock items that are getting dumped as styles change, etc., but some of it could have just "fallen off the truck" too, I suppose.

I've also gotten some good deals at Tuesday Morning, but I've got an odd-sized bed (California King) and pickings at most brick & mortar stores tends to be slim, so eBay is my go-to place for bedding.
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Make sure to check your mattress' thickness and compare the claim on the package of what thickness the fitted sheet will accomodate. We have a pillowtop (which I hate) and it's tricky to find sheet sets with deep enough pockets to stay on the bed.

If, on the other hand, you didn't buy a pillowtop mattress, you're golden, and I recommend Target, Kohl's, and TJ Maxx... none of them out of the way, but all cheapish and decent.
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Macy's actually often has their Charter Club brand high-count sheets on sale for half price or so. You just missed the Presidents' Day sales, but I would bet something else would be coming up soon.
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P.S., if you order from Target.com, google for a coupon code beforehand. There are always 10% off coupons floating around.
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Garnet Hill has quality basic bedding and is not at all expensive. There's no designer name attached to it, so you get better pricing.
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I love the Company Store for all my bedding needs, as it is extremely high quality. You pay for that quality, but if you go on the outlet part of their site, you can get some great deals (I just got an extra large king-size heavy down comforter for 89 bucks).
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I agree with the folks who've recommended places like Marshall's and Ross for this purpose.

I also want to reiterate that if you keep your eye on "deal" sites like slickdeals or fatwallet, Amazon periodically has amazing specials on ultra-luxury sheets. I myself got a couple of sets of 1200-count sheets for like $40 a set. And they are just lovely.
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I haven't tried them (yet) but qvc.com has a huge bedding selection and very reasonable prices. I'm not sure if they would be like BUTTAH (j/k tristeza :) but they have high threadcounts and tons of colors. Looks like it runs $60-65 for 400 TC, up to about $100 for a super-premium 800 TC set.

Bonus: If I'm not mistaken, you can get extra sets of matching pillowcases. It's always annoyed me when I find a set of great sheets half-price at TJ Maxx and then it only comes with two pillowcases so I have to use extra non-matching ones.
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Seriously, do the modal sheets. I prefer them to my super high count cotton bedding. They launder fine but make sure to wash them in cold water. If you have cats, you can get little threads pulled out where they stomp on the bed, but they're worth it. Oh, they're worth it.
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I’ve seen sets of 600-thread-count, queen-sized, cotton sheets at brick-and-morter store Home Goods for $50.
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I loooooveeee the Modal sheets from BBB (they call them "pure beech" I think). They are even softer when you wash them. A couple friends also have them and feel the same way.
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It's a shame you didn't need them a week or two ago. Target just cleared their linens out for a department reset, but the stuff disappeared at 75% off.

I'd second everyone who suggested Target and Kohl's. Those are my go-to places for bedding. I have these on my pillowtop mattress and they are very, very nice.
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Response by poster: I should've mentioned that I live in NYC, in case anyone had knowledge of local shops I've never heard of. :-)

Looks like there are some good deals I should check out. Those modal sheets look pretty sweet.

Nerdery: When I see "modal sheet", I'm not thinking about linens. Heh.
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Target has "Simply Shabby Chic" sheets that are inexpensive and feel great.
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I'll just say that I LOVE our flannel sheets from LLBean. They're not cheap, but they're not brutally expensive either.
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I love the Company Store for all my bedding needs, as it is extremely high quality

Domestications.com is under the same parent company as the Company Store, and their sheets are even cheaper. I got some decent egyptian cotton sheets there. They also make the T-shirt fabric kind, and those are even cheaper!
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SmartBargains has extremely high thread count sheets for great deals.

I also second checking out Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Tuesday Morning, but be forewarned that it's likely you will find nothing but mismatched ugly crap. I love bargain hunting so I'm more than happy to take on that risk, but many people don't have the patience for it.

I also n'th the Pure Beech sheets from BB&B. Perfection.
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Sierra Trading Post often has some good deals. I've bought about four sets of flannel sheets made by Poly Commodity that have been exceedingly satisfactory. (They seem to not stock those particular sheets right now, but they've got others that look pretty nice.)
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