how to bypass windows xp registration screen?
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does anyone know how to bypass the registartion screen on windows xp?

i have an unregistered copy of windows xp running on my (now retired) laptop and need to get something off of it. the problem is that i am prompted to a registration screen everytime i boot up and inable to do access any files or applications. what i used to do to get around this is wait till i got to the screen which prompts me for the serial number and then click on the help link (located under where the serial numbers should be entered) which opens up internet explorer and would just access my desktop from the IE window (by just typing in "desktop" in the address bar and so forth). the problem is, i can't actually get to the screen with the link on it until my computer recognizes that i am connected to the internet. i've moved recently and now can't get my computer to recognize my connection at home. so my question is, can i somehow access my desktop etc. without going through this tedious process? if not, what alternatives do i have? all i need are 6 small files from my harddrive.

p.s. i also forgot to mention that this laptop does NOT have wireless.
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Just pull the hard drive and plug it into another computer...then you should be able to pull whatever files you need off of it.
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Get yourself a copy of Knoppix or some other bootable Linux cd.
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Yeah.. use a bootable "Live" cd like Ubuntu or Knoppix or heck, even Barts PE, or Ultimate Boot CD...

put the CD in... let it boot from the CD.. plug a USB memory stick in and offload the files you need to the memory stick..

(or.. plug the network cable.. and cross your fingers that the bootable CD will detect your network card and let you online, then you can just email yourself the files you need.
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Forget Barts PE... I was never able to get that software to work. Knoppix is the way to go.
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Another option is to get an external HD enclosure, put your laptop's hard drive in it, and plug it into the USB port of a working PC.
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Here's how to do it without using a live CD or anything: Lifehacker
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thanks a lot for all the help, everyone. i think i should be pretty set with what you've all told me.
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"Forget Barts PE... I was never able to get that software to work. Knoppix is the way to go."

Sorry to hear that. But Barts PE is really quite impressive. I worked in a school district for the past 3 years and I was able to make a custom Barts PE bootable CD that included all the network and storage drivers for all of our equipment. It was an excellent tool and saved my ass more times than I can count.
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Sounds like Windows XP activation (which, unlike registration, is mandatory) - there should be an option to activate by phone in this case.
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I run several virtual machines at work and a recent virtual hardware change required me to activate the OS. Before doing so I discovered that I could still connect to the administrative and other shared folders (AND all the windows services still started and ran as expected). If you've got another computer on the same router or subnet as your laptop try connecting to the administrative share : //*yourlaptopname*/c$
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