Is Firefox chasing my mouse functions away?
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Why doesn't Firefox doesn't recognize scroll wheel clicking anymore?

I just received a new Dell Optiplex 745 as a computer upgrade at work. After installing Firefox, I noticed that the scroll wheel doesn't work like it used to. Autoscrolling and scroll wheel clicking only work intermittently (i.e. not on all sites). When scroll wheel clicking does work, it generally takes a while to see the new tab. Manual scrolling with the wheel still works. What gives? I can't find a Firefox or "Mouse Suite" setting that is applicable.

I'm running Firefox version and the "Dell Mouse Suite" version 2.50.22.
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I have the same problem on my gateway with the touch pad--the right side will not do the scroll function like it will in IE or word or any other program for that matter.
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Does it work within IE? Maybe try reinstalling the drivers via Device Manager (if you have admin rights to your PC).
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Try putting aside Firefox for a minute, and digging into your mouse configuration software, if you have it.

My Logitech mouse hid its middle click functions deep in its software. Until I found the right configuration tricks, middle click on the scroll wheel didn't work with Firefox.
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Maybe you've tried this already, but make sure you enable autoscrolling via

Tools > Options... > Advanced (General Tab).
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uncballzer: You need to update your drivers. Even if it works in other programs, you need newer drivers for touchpad scroll in FF.

LouMac: It sounds like the focus is being stolen, maybe. Try normal left clicking on a blank area of the page and then scrolling, see if that fixes it--I notice flash is especially bad for stealing focus but other content does it too. A driver upgrade probably wouldn't go wrong, either, if you can find drivers for your mouse.
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I had the same problem with a Logitech wireless mouse. Every now and again, the configuration would change for no apparent reason and I would lose the "middle-click' function until I changed it in the mouse config. Getting rid of the specific configuration application that came with the mouse and letting WinXP take care of it solved the problem (downloading new drivers etc didn't).
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Of course, I'm not in the office today, but thanks for the suggestions. Yesterday, I did turn on autoscrolling in Firefox.

Also, it may be a focus issue, because it does improve when I left click. But the "middle click" isn't an option in the WinXP mouse controls or the Dell "Mouse Suite."

Perhaps I should try a driver update. I do have admin rights to my own machine, so I guess I'm better off than most.
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